verbal abuse & bullying is not ‘freedom of speech’


Random crow shows up on dude’s porch, looks him straight in the face and says ‘fuck you’

go on anon and impersonate me

promo me i guess? i just lost like 7 followers for some reason

yeah i had a lot of an insecurity complex bc one of my friends would just tease me on how silly i am and like, idk

a lot of ppl make fun of me bc i don’t have enough ‘common sense’

my high school had like, a large majority of neurotypical ppl and i mean, i am neurodivergent enough that most of my friends were 1 to 2 grades below me at least, and even they made fun of me

autisticspyro replied to your post: “hi i am 21 and i still use the xD emoticon”:
dude how adorable tho

omg what stop that sevi o//o

hi i am 21 and i still use the xD emoticon


Reminder to everyone that it’s cooling down and winter is on it’s way, which means people with seasonal depression / SAD associated with cold and winter are going to start showing symptoms. Remember to support your friends instead of shrugging it off as something that “happens every year”

Dolce Gabbana ss14 + hair colors | inspired by (+)
go on anon and impersonate me
why do you never mention the fact that you pretended to be a minor once just to get people to hate them

?????????????????????????????? i have literally never pretended to be a minor i’m laughing

the link in your sidebar that says its to the psa post, is actually a broken link to your faq

what? ohhhhh my name change thing. thanks ill fix it